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The Jerry Walker Commitment to Quality Service Award was established in recognition of one of the original and longest serving Project Managers at Access Services.

Jerry Walker valued and understood the meaning of improving operational efficiency and exceeding customer expectations in order to provide the best quality service.

The award recognizes Access and service provider staff who have displayed the same commitment in providing quality service to customers. The Jerry Walker Commitment to Quality Service Award winner will be recognized at the Access Services Annual Meeting on November 20, 2019.

If you are interested in making a nomination, please click here to download the application form.

Award Year Nomination Form Recipient  Company
2018   Scotty Galvan Medical Transportation Management (MTM)
2017   Princess Craig Santa Clarita Transit


Aurora Delgado

California Transit Inc.



Sylvia Abrica

Global Paratransit Inc.



Ricky Bachan

MV Transportation



Ali Ahmednor San Gabriel Transit


Maribel Villagrana Transit Evaluator, C.A.R.E
2010   Manuel Ramos Road Supervisor, GPI
2009   Elaine Dias  MV Valley

Chang Kim

Road Supervisor, Southland Transit

Spirit of Accessibility Award

The Spirit of Accessibility Award was instituted in 2000 to honor persons and organizations that have made significant contributions towards making transit more accessible.

Award Year Nomination Form Recipient  Company
2018 PDF    
 2017 PDF    U.S. House of Representative, 32nd District
2016    Congresswoman Grace Flores Napolitano  U.S. House of Representative, 32nd District




   Lorri Bernson Community and Media Liaison for Guide Dogs of America(GDA)


   Richard Devylder Office for Access and Functional Needs at the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.
2012    Community Connections Volunteer Driver Program at Community Senior Services in Claremont


Marie Madsen Adult Transition Teacher, Montebello High School
2010   Bonnie Cherko Volunteer, Culver City Senior Center 



Larry Rolon   LAX

James Hogan




Nadia Powers

Christina Vahid

Commissioner, Los Angeles County Commission on Aging

Transportation Coordinator, North Los Angeles County Regional Center

2006   Cynde Soto  

Superior Service Award

Award Month



May 2016    
April 2016 Fernando Lopez San Gabriel Transit
March 2016 Howard Martin California Transit
February 2016 Eugene Barnett Santa Clarita Transit
January 2016 Lee Belter Diversified Transit
December 2015 Shawn Hartley MV Transportation
November 2015 Michael Jackson Global Paratransit
October 2015 David Acosta California Transit
September 2015 Linda Brown C.A.R.E. Evaluators 
August 2015 Sarkis Bagdasaryan San Gabriel Transit 
July 2015 Outstanding Safety Record Diversified Transit 
June 2015 Juan Goboy MV Transportation
May 2015 Andres Merida Global Paratransit
April 2015 Jose Rodriguez  San Gabriel Transit 
March 2015 Manuel Vallavarez  California Transit 
February 2015 Michelle Rush  Santa Clarita Transit 
January 2015  Cesar Molina  Diversified Transit 
December 2014 Jorge Olea  MV Transit 
November 2014 Amanda Zepeda Global Paratransit, Inc.
October 2014 Timothy Brady California Transit
September 2014 Jacky Maldanado C.A.R.E. Evaluators
August 2014 Diana Mendez San Gabriel Transit Inc.
July 2014 Stacy Smith Diversified Transportation
June 2014 Melinda Friend MV Transportation
May 2014 Karina Abrica Global Paratransit
April 2014 Yvette Villabla San Gabriel Transit Inc.
March 2014 Gustabo Paniagua California Transit Inc. (CTI)
February 2014 Richard Cabrera Santa Clarita Transit
January 2014 Mary Ellen Randall Diversified Transportation
December 2013  Denise Lopez MV Transportation
November 2013  Soledad Diaz

 Global Paratransit Inc. (GPI)

October 2013  Diego Rangel

 California Transit Inc. (CTI)

September 2013  April Kelley

 C.A.R.E. Evaluators

August 2013  Claudia Aceves  San Gabriel Transit Inc.
July 2013  Jennifer Williams  Diversified Transportation
June 2013  Jose Diaz  MV Transportation
May 2013  Pierre Moss  C.A.R.E. Evaluators
April 2013 William Aceves Driver, SGT
March 2013

Cristobal Simon

Driver, CTI
February 2013

Chris Garcia

Driver, SCT
January 2013 Heriberto Diaz Driver, GPI
December 2012 Chan Mun Park Driver, MVT
October 2012 Antonio Gonzalez Driver, CTI
September 2012 Carol Bravo Transit Evaluator Supervisor, C.A.R.E
August 2012

Steve Byadjian
Angel Garcia

Driver, SGT
Dispatcher, CTI

July 2012 Mary Volio Driver, Diversified Transit
June 2012

Tiffany Ha

Driver, SGT

May 2012

Diane Javier
Lafayette Lott

Road Supervisor, MVT
Trainer, GPI

April 2012 Aurora Delgado

Driver, CTI.

March 2012 Alex Serrano Marking and Tethering Installer, C.A.R.E.
February 2012 Josh Orellana Mechanic, MVT
January 2012 Luz Elena Dominguez Driver, MVT
September 2011 Keshishyan Vahan Driver, SGT
August 2011 Christina Bekarian Records Clerk, C.A.R.E
July 2011 Janice Rodriguez Driver, GPI
June 2011 Pedro Alfaro Driver, MVT
May 2011 Cassandra Monroe Dispatcher, STI
April 2011 Yesenia Garcia Reservationist, MVT
March 2011

Esmeralda Reyes

Driver, GPI
February 2011

Alejandro Garcia

Dispatcher, GPI

January 2011 Jose Maria Mendoza Driver, CTI
December 2010

Jennifer Javier

Driver, MVT
November 2010 Yahron Castillo Driver, Santa Clarita
October 2010 Danny Rengifo Driver/BtW Trainer, MVT
September 2010 Rene Nazari Transit Evaluator, CARE Evaluators
August 2010

Ophelia Taylor
Tanya Voldase

Driver/BtW Trainer, CTI
CSC Rep, Access
July 2010 Jack Garate Call Center Manager, GPI
June 2010 Beatriz Gonzalez Trainer, CTI
May 2010 Paresh Patel Driver, MVT
April 2010 Hamidulla Zamani Driver, MVT
March 2010 Manual Ramos Road Supervisor, GPI
February 2010 Suzy Yoguez Driver, Santa Clarita Transit
January 2010 Joy Paez Driver, AVT
December 2009 Rickie Bachen Driver, Santa Clarita Transit
November 2009 Mary Volio Driver, STI-AV

October 2009

Albert Andujo

Dispatcher, SGT

September 2009

Carol Bravo

CSR, CARE Evaluators
August 2009 Denice (DeeDee) Johnson CSR, CARE Evaluators
July 2009 Francisco Lucas Ramon Road Supervisor, CTI