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Access Services
Access Services

The documents relating to the Rider's Guide are available for download in the following PDF format:

You may also use the on-line version below -

Topic Page # in PDF
Quick Start Guide 
Fare Card 
What We Are4
What We Are Not6
How to Ride7
Getting Started7
Your Eligibility7
Your Access Rider ID Card7
Understanding Next-Day Service7
Understanding One-Hour Reservation Window7
Understanding Pick-Up Times8
Understanding Curbside Pick-Ups8
Understanding Wait Times8
Understanding Call-Outs9
Understanding Rider No-Shows9
Understanding Trip Cancellations10
Traveling with Children10
Planning for Your Ride11
How to Schedule Your Ride11
Travel Times11 
Standing Order Rides12
How to Pay for Your Ride14
Service to Santa Clarita16
Service to the Antelope Valley17
Day of Your Ride18
Who and What You Can Take on the Vehicle18
What You Cannot Take on the Vehicle18
Waiting for the Vehicle19
Boarding the Vehicle20
During Your Ride: Your Code of Conduct21
Other Important Information23
Our Busiest Times23
Being Put on Hold When You Call23
Changing Your Trip23
Trips to Drop Something Off or Pick Something Up23
Size of Your Mobility Device23
If You Change Your Mobility Device23
If You Need Information Sent in a Different Format24
If You Change Your Name, Address or Phone Number24
Lost and Found24
Rider Alerts24
Rider Newsletter24
Access InfoLine24
ADA Services Outside LA County25
Reasonable Modification25
Questions and Answers26
Improving Access28
Complaints and Commendations28
How to File Complaints and Commendations29
Public Meetings32
Other Transportation Options33
Using Your Access ID on Local Buses and Trains33
Title VI34
List of Service Regions35