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Access Services
Access Services

Boarding the Vehicle

Your Access Rider ID Card: You must show the driver your Access Rider ID Card before you board the vehicle.

Fares: You must pay the exact fare with cash, Access coupons, or your Access Rider ID Card (see page 14) before boarding. The driver does not carry change.

Help From the Driver: You are responsible for getting to, into and out of the vehicle. Drivers will offer assistance as you get on and off the vehicle and in using the vehicle securement devices. However they will not lift you or carry you nor will they accompany you to or from locations away from the vehicle. If you need assistance we do not provide, please bring a personal care assistant or be sure to have someone available at the pick-up or drop-off location to help you.  For information about Beyond the Curb, please see page 25.

Ramps and Lifts:  Most Access vehicles have ramps, but  some have lifts. You may board while standing on the lift. If you ask, the driver will ride with you on the lift to make  sure you are safe.

Seatbelts: Access requires all riders to use a seatbelt. If you need a seatbelt extension, please ask for one. You can ask  the driver for help if needed.

Your Personal Care Assistant and Guest(s): Your personal care assistant rides free. If one or more guests come with  you, they must pay the same fare you pay.

If you told the Reservationist that a guest will be with you, you will have to pay the fare for that guest even if he or she does not show up. Your personal care assistant and/or guests must board (and exit) the vehicle at the same time as you do.

Children Age Five and Younger:  If your child uses Access and is five years old or younger, an adult must ride with the child.

Children must ride properly buckled in the back seat in a safety or booster seat until they are eight years old or are at least 4’,9” tall. This is required by law. Access does not furnish safety or booster seats. The driver can assist you with installation upon request.

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