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Access Services
Access Services

During Your Ride Your Code of Conduct:

Access has developed the following rules to make trips safe for all riders and drivers. If you violate these rules, you may  be suspended from the service:

Seatbelts:  Every rider must wear a seatbelt. Removing or refusing to wear a seatbelt is not allowed.

Eating, Drinking and Smoking:  No eating or drinking is allowed on Access vehicles. All Access vehicles have a  No Smoking rule.

Personal Hygiene: Riders must maintain an acceptable standard of cleanliness.

Pets:  If you have brought a properly caged pet onboard, please be considerate of riders who are fearful of animals. 

Radios, MP3, Tape and CD Players: Sound-making equipment of any kind may be used on Access only if you use it with headphones. This rule does not apply to devices used for communication by the hearing or speech impaired. 

Service Animals: We ask that you show consideration for other riders’ service animals.

Serious Behavior Issues: The following behavior is never allowed:

  • Abusive, obscene or threatening language or behavior
  • Sexual harassment of riders, drivers, passengers or other Access employees
  • Deliberately not paying the fare
  • Riding under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Riding with weapons of any kind
  • Riding with hazardous materials, including fuel  and explosives
  • Tampering with or using any Access equipment, including the vehicle steering wheel, hydraulic lift, driver’s two-way radio or Mobile Data Terminal, or trying to remove wheelchair tie-downs

Any rider who physically assaults another person or demonstrates illegal or dangerous behavior may be  subject to immediate suspension from Access and  possible criminal prosecution.

Other Rules

Changing Your Drop-Off Location:  The driver is not allowed to change a drop-off location.

Tipping the Driver: Our drivers are not allowed to accept tips. If you had a good experience, we encourage you to report it to Access Customer Service.

You are key to our ongoing safety efforts.
If you notice a safety concern (including
improper securement), please call us: 
1.800.827.0829    TDD 1.800.827.1359

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