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Access Services
Access Services

How to Ride

Getting Started

What Kind of Eligibility Do You Have?  Please read your Welcome Letter to find out whether you have Unrestricted or Restricted eligibility. (If you are Restricted, you may schedule only the type of trips described in the letter.) If you have Temporary eligibility, please note the expiration date. If you keep scheduling trips that you are not eligible to take, you  may be temporarily suspended from using Access.

Your Access Rider Identification (ID) Card: Every time you  use Access, you will need to show your Access Rider ID Card to the driver before boarding the vehicle. If you lose your card, please call Access Customer Service right away. There is a cost for a replacement. Do not allow anyone else to use your Access Rider ID Card for any reason. Allowing someone else to use your card for these programs constitutes fraud and could result in criminal prosecution and/or the loss of your eligibility. Your Access Rider ID Number is located on the front of the card immediately above your name.

Call the reservation number the day before you need a ride. The toll-free reservation lines are open every day:

TDD 1.800.826.7280

Understanding Next-Day Service: You must schedule your ride a day in advance. So, if you want to ride somewhere tomorrow, you must call today to make a reservation. (For specific hours, please see page 11.) You may schedule just one trip or as many as six one-way trips per call. 

Understanding the One-Hour Reservation Window: On an average weekday, there are 1,000 vehicles in service. They make a total of about 10,000 daily trips in an area that spans 4,060 square miles—in one of the most congested areas in the  United States. So it would be impossible to pick up everyone who needs a ride at exactly the time they would like. That is why we have a “one-hour reservation window.” This means that the Reservationist can offer you a pick-up time up to one hour before or after your requested time. For example, if you ask for a pick-up at 6am, you can be offered a trip some time between 5am and 7am. The one-hour window is permitted by federal law.

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