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Access Services
Access Services

Questions and Answers



May I reserve more than one trip at a time?

Yes, you can reserve as many as six one-way trips per telephone call. The trips can all be for one person, or  for several people.


I reserved a return trip from my doctor’s office for 4pm but my appointment was finished at 2pm. When I called Customer Support, they said I would have to wait until 4pm for a pick-up.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to reschedule a pick-up on short notice. That’s why we ask you to schedule your pick-up for the latest time you think you will be ready.


What if the vehicle doesn’t arrive on time?

First, be sure you have waited 20 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time. Then call the reservation  number and ask for an estimated time of arrival. If the vehicle still does not arrive by that time, call Access Customer Support. A staff member will find a way to get you back home.

Access Customer Support is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TDD 1.800.827.1359

Vehicles and Routes

Can I ask for a certain kind of vehicle?

No, you cannot request a specific type of vehicle.


How can I tell that the vehicle is an Access vehicle?

All certified Access vehicles are clearly marked with Access identifiers. Sometimes, we need to send a vehicle that is  not certified and does not have these identifiers. If you do  not recognize the vehicle, ask the driver if he or she is an Access driver.


Why did the vehicle travel a route that did not make sense?

Access is a type of public transit, a shared-ride service. So your route probably will not take you directly to the place  you want to go. According to federal (ADA) law, an Access trip may take as long as a similar trip on a bus or train. Your trip time will usually be longer than if you traveled by car or took  a taxi. If you still feel that your trip took too long, please file  a complaint. (For instructions, see page 28.)

Access provides more than 4 million rides every year.

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