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Access Services

Standing Order Rides

If you need a series of rides for an extended period of time on the same day(s) of the week, at the same pick-up time and from the same pick-up/drop-off address, you may ask for a Standing Order. If it is approved, a vehicle will automatically arrive at the scheduled time. You will not need to call a day  in advance to schedule the ride.

Reserving Your Standing Order:  Please try to call the reservation number at least two weeks before you want your Standing Order ride.

Changing Your Standing Order:  If you need to make a  one-time change to your Standing Order, you will need to cancel the trip and schedule the new day and time by using the regular reservation system. This must be done a day in advance.

Canceling Your Standing Order: If you must cancel your Standing Order trip, please call the reservation number at least two (2) hours before your scheduled pick-up.  Otherwise, you will be counted as a No-Show. (See page 9 for more information)

You may cancel a Standing Order ride for as many as 30 days in a row. Once you have reached the 31st day, the Standing Order for that ride will be permanently canceled.

Limited Number of Standing Orders:  Since Access has a limited number of Standing Orders available at a given time, we may not be able to approve your request. In that case, your Standing Order request for that day will be placed  on a waiting list. You may still make a regular next-day reservation for that trip while you wait for approval of your Standing Order.

Other Rules for Standing Orders:

  • You must reserve your rides for at least six weeks in a row.
  • If you need a series of rides on different days of the week, the pick-up times do not have to be the same.
    For example, you can ask for a 7am pick-up on Mondays and an 8am pick-up on Wednesdays.
  • Standing Order rides will automatically be canceled on the following days. If you need a ride for these days, you must make a regular next-day reservation:

New Year’s Day
Presidents’ Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans’ Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Day

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