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Access Services
Access Services

Understanding ‘Call-Outs’: A Call-Out is an automated phone call activated by the driver. The call lets you know when the vehicle will arrive, or that it has already arrived. A Call-Out can be convenient if you are visually impaired or find it difficult to wait at the curb. If the automated Call-Out does not work, a dispatcher will attempt to contact you before the vehicle leaves. It is highly recommended that you always provide us with a Call-Out number when booking your trip. Please ensure that the reservationist has the correct number where we can reach you.

Access cannot guarantee that you will receive your Call-Out. There may be a “dead zone” where our radio equipment does not work. Or the phone number the driver is using to reach you may not be correct. Also, Call-Outs do not work with answering machines, voicemail, pagers, relay devices or phone systems that require the caller to press an extra number to reach you.

 You are always responsible for being at
the curb when the vehicle arrives, whether or
not you asked for a Call-Out.

Understanding ‘Rider No-Shows’: When riders don’t show up for their scheduled rides, time and valuable resources are wasted that could have helped other riders get to their destinations. If you are a No-Show, you will receive a written notice. A person who has five or more Rider No-Shows in a  calendar month and their no-shows exceed more than 10% of their overall trips taken within the same calendar month  may be suspended from using Access.

The following situations are considered Rider No Shows:

  • When a customer cancels a trip less than two (2) hours before the scheduled pick-up time
  • When the driver arrives within the 20-minute on-time windows, waits 5 minutes and is unable to locate the customer at the scheduled pick-up.

The following situation is not considered a Rider No-Show:

  • The driver arrives after your 20-minute pick-up window, and you call to cancel the trip.

If your failure to show up or cancel in time was not your  fault, you may call Access Customer Service to explain what happened. You also have the right to appeal or dispute any No-Show decision.

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