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Access RiderID FAQ

Introducing Your New Card

I’ve never had an Access Rider ID Card before. How do I use it?
You must show your card every time you ride with Access. Your card is proof that you are permitted to ride on our vehicles.

I already have an Access Rider ID Card. Why did you send me this new card?
Access is becoming part of Los Angeles County’s exciting TAP (Transit Access Pass) program that adds more value to your Access Rider ID Card.  As soon as you activate the card, you’ll be able to continue to get FREE rides on buses and trains in participating Los Angeles County transit systems.

Why does it have a Visa brand mark on it? Is it a credit card?
No, your Access Rider ID Card is NOT a credit card. It has a Visa brand mark on it because we’ve added the opportunity to also use your Access Rider ID card as a prepaid card. Prepaid means that you can only spend what you load on your card. If you load money on your card, you’ll be able to use it to pay bills—no money orders needed, pay at your favorite stores, shop online or over-the-phone, and pay for your ride instead of using tokens or coupons. There’s no interest, no credit check, and you can’t overspend.

How do I load money on my card?
It’s free to load money on your card through direct deposit of a payroll or government check. When you call to activate your Access Rider ID Card, the live customer service agent will ask if you’d like to set up direct deposit, and if so, will be happy to take your information and do all the paperwork for you.  You can also load money on your card at any of the following places (fees vary by location):

To search for a full list of Reload Locations, please go to

ReadySTATION™ Cash Service Center Kiosk
> Swipe your card.
> Insert cash.
> Your money is instantly available on the card.


> Fill out a MoneyGram Blue Form and use Receive Code 7013.

Western Union
> Fill out a grey Prepaid Services Form with your card number, the amount of cash you want to add, and the name of the card (Access TAP ReadyCARD Prepaid Visa Card).
> Give the form to the clerk, along with your cash and the service fee. You will get a receipt.
> Your money will usually be available on the card in 30 minutes or less.

Green Dot MoneyPak®
> MoneyPak is available at many stores, including CVS, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven® and Walmart.
> To reload money onto your card, bring your cash to the store and purchase a MoneyPak.
> Your money will be available on the card immediately.

VISA ReadyLink network
> Look for the Visa ReadyLink symbol (on the door, the selfservice center or the cash register).
> At a cash register, the cashier will swipe your card and accept your cash.
> At a self-service center, you swipe your card yourself and insert your cash.

Are there costs for using my Access Rider ID Card?
There are never any fees for using your card for transit.  The following standard fees will apply if you load money on your card and pay for something that is NOT transit (see your Cardholder Agreement for full information):
>Monthly Maintenance - $4.95
>Balance Checks/Card Account Information -Free via Website, ReadySTATION and Alerts
>Live Agent Customer Service Call - 4 free calls per month; $3 each additional
>Automated Phone Service - 4 free calls per month; $0.25 each additional
>Direct Deposit – Free
>Signature or PIN Transaction, Return or Declined Transaction – Free
Cash Back at Point-of-Sale – Free
ATM* - $1.95
ATM Decline, Balance Inquiry or Balance Inquiry Decline - $0.95
*ATM owner fee may apply.

Do I have to load money on my card?
If you want to also use your card to pay bills, shop, or pay for rides instead of using tokens or coupons, you will have to load money on your card. You do not have to load money on your card to only use it for Access rides.

How safe is money that is loaded on my card?
The money on your card is FDIC insured.

What do the other words on my card mean?
“TAP” stands for Transit Access Pass. This means that you can get free rides on buses and trains in participating transit systems.  “ReadyCARD” is the name of the prepaid provider.

Using Your Card

How does my card work on buses and trains in participating Los Angeles transit systems?
Simply tap the card on the bus fare box or rail station validator (or ask the driver or attendant to help you).  Your card contains an electronic TAP chip that works as a free transit pass.  On some systems they may ask you to simply show your card to the driver or to swipe it on the farebox.

What transit systems participate in the Free Fare program?
There are a total of 21 transit systems in Los Angeles County that participate.  Please visit our website at for a complete list.

Can I bring a companion with me on these transit systems?
Our transit system partners have different policies regarding companions.  If your card has the PCA logo below your picture then you may be able to have ONE personal care attendant ride with you free.  Please refer to the following page - for further details.  You MUST display your card to the driver if you have a personal care attendant with you. Otherwise your companion must pay the normal fare for that particular transit system.

How long is my card good for free rides on these buses and trains?
As long as you are eligible to ride on Access vehicles.

Can I pay part of my fare with my card and the rest with cash?
No. You cannot split the payment of your fare between the card and cash (or coupons.)

Can I check my Access TAP ReadyCARD balance with the driver?
No. You can only check your balance at www., or by calling TAP ReadyCARD Customer  Service. You can also sign up to have your balance sent to you daily via free email or text message alerts.

If I decide not to ride after I pay with my card, will the driver give me a credit?
No, you must contact Access Services Customer Support at 1.800.827.0829 to submit a credit request.

What if there is a data transmission problem, and my ride payment can’t be processed?
The driver will try again to process payment at your drop-off location.

What if I want to buy something that costs more than the balance on my card?
You can only spend up to the amount that you have loaded on your card. If your purchase costs more than what you have loaded on your card, your purchase transaction will be declined and not go through.

What if I need to return something I bought with my card?
Just bring the card with you to the store, along with the item and your receipt. If the store allows you to return the item, the purchase amount will be credited to your card in 3 to 7 business days.

Can another person share my card?
Your card has your photo on it, so only you can use it as your Access ID or as a transit pass.  Allowing someone else to use your card for these programs constitutes fraud and could result in criminal prosecution and/or the loss of your eligibility for these programs.

Will using the card help build my credit rating?
No. This is not a credit card, so you will not have a credit history with the card.

What should I do if I lose my card?
Call Access Services immediately at 1.800.827.0829 and select extension 3. If you report the lost card immediately, you will not be held responsible for any charges you did not authorize. Your old card will be cancelled, and you’ll be given information on how to request a replacement card.  Any money on your old card will be transferred to your replacement card. The charge for a replacement card is $5.00.

You will not be charged if your card is replaced due to the renewal of your eligibility on Access Services.
NOTE: You can still ride Access while waiting for your new card. When you book a ride, the driver will be told that you may ride without your ID. But you will not be able to use the free fare program on buses and trains in participating Los Angeles County transit systems until you receive your new card.