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Access RiderID FAQ

Introducing Your New Card

I’ve never had an Access Rider ID Card before. How do I use it?
You must show your card every time you ride with Access. Your card is proof that you are permitted to ride on our vehicles

Using Your Card

How does my card work on buses and trains in participating Los Angeles transit systems?
Simply tap the card on the bus fare box or rail station validator (or ask the driver or attendant to help you).  Your card contains an electronic TAP chip that works as a free transit pass.  On some systems they may ask you to simply show your card to the driver or to swipe it on the farebox.

What transit systems participate in the Free Fare program?
There are a total of 21 transit systems in Los Angeles County that participate.  Please visit our website at for a complete list.

Can I bring a companion with me on these transit systems?
Our transit system partners have different policies regarding companions.  If your card has the PCA logo below your picture then you may be able to have ONE personal care attendant ride with you free.  Please refer to the following page - for further details.  You MUST display your card to the driver if you have a personal care attendant with you. Otherwise your companion must pay the normal fare for that particular transit system.

How long is my card good for free rides on these buses and trains?
As long as you are eligible to ride on Access vehicles.

Can another person share my card?

Your card has your photo on it, so only you can use it as your Access ID or as a transit pass.  Allowing someone else to use your card for these programs constitutes fraud and could result in criminal prosecution and/or the loss of your eligibility for these programs.

What should I do if I lose my card?
Call Access Services immediately at 1.800.827.0829 and select extension 3. Your old card will be cancelled, and you’ll be given information on how to request a replacement card. The charge for a replacement card is $5.00.

You will not be charged if your card is replaced due to the renewal of your eligibility on Access Services.

NOTE: You can still ride Access while waiting for your new card. When you book a ride, the driver will be told that you may ride without your ID. But you will not be able to use the free fare program on buses and trains in participating Los Angeles County transit systems until you receive your new card.