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About the Access Flex Program

Access’ goal is to provide excellent paratransit service to our customers. In order to continue delivering great service, Access has created a pilot program that would give Access’ contractors the flexibility, when they need additional vehicles to improve on-time performance and reduce travel time, to move some of their daily trips to national transportation network (TNC) companies like Uber or Lyft or to independent taxis that have not been certified to perform regular Access trips. Currently, the only TNC company under contract is Uber in the Southern region.

How does the program work?

This program is voluntary and you must enroll to participate and potentially receive a TNC or independent taxi trip. You will be able to choose whether you receive a TNC, an independent taxi or both. If you decide not to enroll, you will continue to receive the same service from Access that you have received in the past. To understand the difference in taking a regular Access trip versus a TNC trip, please click here

If you choose to enroll in to the program, you will continue to call Access to make trip reservations. The Access contractor will then decide whether your trip will be assigned to a TNC/independent taxi or be performed by an Access-certified vehicle. If the trip is assigned to a TNC/independent taxi, you will receive a text message and/or phone call from the Access regional provider. If the trip remains on Access, you will receive the normal Access call out.

Do I need a smart cell phone?

Yes. For the initial pilot program, you must have a smart cell phone and download Access’ Where’s My Ride application (WMR app). If you are notified that you will receive a TNC/independent taxi trip, you will be asked to pay your fare through the WMR app.

Do I need a credit or debit card?

Yes. You must have an active or valid credit or debit card loaded in the Where's My Ride app.

If you would you like to proceed with the application for the Access Flex program, please click here - ENROLL

If you are enrolled in the program but you do not wish to participate any longer, please click here - UNENROLL