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Visitor Information

Eligible visitors will be served for a period of 21 days — During any 12 month period.

  1. Individuals from outside Los Angeles County service area will be served by Access Paratransit as ADA Visitors if they are unable to use accessible, fixed-route transportation services due to disability-related functional limitations.
  2. According to ADA regulations, an individual residing outside of the area served by Access Paratransit is eligible for complementary paratransit service as a visitor.
    1. If the individual presents documentation of ADA paratransit eligibility from his or her home jurisdiction. 
    2. If the individual has no such documentation (of ADA paratransit eligibility), then the individual is to provide documentation of residence outside of L.A. County and, if the individual’s disability is not apparent, proof of the disability. This might include, for example, a letter from a doctor. 
  3. To request visitor status, contact Access Customer Service by phone, mail, or fax. Please be prepared to give:
    1. Information verifying eligibility as an ADA eligibility from outside of Los Angeles County or
    2. Evidence of disability as described in 2.1 and 2.2 above.
    3. Expected dates when visitor desires to use Access.
    4. Access Customer Service will process the application promptly.
  4. The visitor will be notified of the determination regarding status as an ADA eligible visitor and if eligible, information will be entered into the rider database.

Contact Information:
Access Services
PO Box 5728
El Monte, CA 91734
Telephone: 1.800.827.0829