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Transit Options Overview

Access Services strives to be a mobility resource for all residents of Los Angeles County. The programs below provide valuable information on other transit resources with the County.  Further information on each of these programs can be accessed through the navigation bar on the left.

Los Angeles County residents are fortunate to have many accessible transportation options. These options include fully accessible fixed-route transit buses, local dial-a-ride services and paratransit programs. One or more of these options are available in each of Los Angeles County’s 88 cities.

Many transit users, visitors, and tourists with disabilities are unaware of the accessible services available outside of their primary service area. We understand that this can make it difficult to plan activities and can mean the difference between going to a particular destination or not.

Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA)

Access Services was established in 1994 and designated as the Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) for Los Angeles County by Metro. Statewide, CTSAs were created in 1979, when the state legislature passed Assembly Bill 120, "Social Services Transportation Improvement Act". The vision behind creating the CTSA model was to foster coordination among social service transportation providers in order to utilize existing transportation.

Mobility Management Program

The Mobility Management Program is a facilitated referral service which matches an individual's transportation needs with available accessible transportation. The program gives quick, accurate referrals to over 200 public and private accessible transportation providers in Los Angeles County.

Local and Regional Transit Services Directory

This area provides links to Fixed Route agencies within Los Angeles County.