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Access to Work

The Access to Work program has been developed to improve reliability and transportation services for Access customers who use Access to go to and from work or job training sites.

Benefits of the Access to Work program are:

  1. A Standing Order service for customers going to and from work or job-training programs.
  1. Trips are scheduled to work start times, so customers will arrive at their place of employment on time.
  1. Reduced fare of $2.00 one way.
  1. If a customer’s work hours change, the customer can modify their trip times by contacting the Standing Order department for their local region, no need to fill out a new application.

There are some requirements to participate in this program:

  1. Customers must work a schedule whose hours are the same week to week.  (Persons with schedules that are different from day to day and week to week are better served by regular Next Day Access trips).
  1. There is an income requirement for this program which applicants must meet.

For questions about this program, please call Access’ Customer Service line or (213) 270-6000.

To view an application for the Access to Work program, please click HERE for an application in English or HERE for an application in Spanish.