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Paratransit Eligibility

4 Easy Steps to Access Eligibility

Eligibility for Access is based on the person with a disability's ability to use accessible buses and trains in Los Angeles County, not solely based on the disability, age, or medical diagnosis. It is determined through an in-person Transit Evaluation.

1 Determine Eligibility

For the Application Packet and more information on the evaluation process, download the Evaluation Information and Application Packet:

2 Obtaining an Access ID Number

Contact Access Customer Service

If you feel you are eligible for Access:

  1. You need to have an Access ID number before scheduling a Transit Evaluation appointment.
  2. If you never received an ID number, you can:
    1. Apply for an ID Number Online.
    2. Call Customer Service at 800.827.0829 (option 1).
    3. TDD 800.827.1359.
  3. Inform the Customer Service Representative (CSR) that you have reviewed the application online and need to obtain an ID number.

3 Schedule a Transit Evaluation

  1. Schedule the Evaluation
    1. After obtaining your ID Number you may either:
      1. Continue filling out the application online and after three (3) days call 626.532.1616 (TDD 626.532.1620) to schedule your in-person assessment, or
      2. Request to receive the application by mail. After receiving an Access application:
        1. Fill out and complete the application.
        2. Submit your application by mail.
        3. After seven (7) days call 626.532.1616 (TDD 626.532.1620) to schedule your in-person assessment.
    2. Appointments are offered in English or Spanish. If your primary language is not English or Spanish, you are encouraged to bring a person to translate for you.
    3. If you require Sign Language interpretation, please notify us at the time of scheduling the evaluation.
    4. If you have your own transportation to the evaluation center, you will be offered the next available appointment.
    5. If you need transportation to the evaluation center, Access will provide free transportation to and from your appointment.
      1. Initially, you will be given the date of your appointment.
      2. Two days prior to the appointment day, the transportation provider will call you with your pick up time and your appointment time.
    6. If you are unable to go to the appointment, please cancel as soon as possible by calling the Access transportation provider at 626.532.1616, TDD 626.532.1620 so someone else can use that appointment time.
  2. Transit Evaluation
    When you arrive at the eligibility center, please bring:
    1. Valid photo identification, such as a California ID or driver’s license, passport, or other government documents with your picture.
    2. Relevant documents, reports, and a list of medications to explain how your disability prevents you from using buses or trains.
    3. The mobility device (i.e. a cane, walker, or wheelchair) that you normally use while out in the community.

The entire Transit process takes up to four hours, with the Transit Evaluation lasting up to 45 minutes.

4 Approval Process

Within 21 days after completing the Transit Evaluation, you will be notified by mail whether or not you are eligible for Access. If your eligibility is not processed within 21 days, please contact Access Customer Support Center and Access will allow you to use the service until you receive your notification.

If you do not agree with the eligibility determination, you have the right to appeal within 60 days of the eligibility notice. All appeals must be in writing. Please download the Appeals form for more information:

Additional Resources

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Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) has information for people with disabilities about obtaining an ADA paratransit eligibility determination.