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Beyond the Curb Service

The primary mode of transportation for Access ADA paratransit is curb-to-curb service. Access will provide assistance beyond the curb to eligible customers or at eligible locations. This Origin to Destination service will be known as “Beyond the Curb” service to differentiate it from the baseline ADA paratransit service.

Although Access will provide additional assistance beyond the curb, it is important to remember that Access is not a medical transportation service. If a customer’s medical condition prevents them from independently navigating public transit systems such as Access Services, we strongly recommend that a Personal Care Assistant accompany the customer. Personal Care Assistants do not have to pay a fare on Access Services.


Customers who require Beyond the Curb service regularly or occasionally must be found eligible for the service during the eligibility process. Eligibility will be based upon whether or not the rider is, because of their disability, prevented from using the curb-to-curb paratransit system for a ride they wish to take. 

For new Access applicants, customers will be evaluated for Beyond the Curb service during the initial eligibility process. Current customers can apply for Beyond the Curb service by calling Customer Service at 1.800.827.0829 and pressing #6 to request a Reasonable Modification Request Form. You can also find the form on the Access website here:



The customer’s application will be reviewed by an Access eligibility contractor. On occasion, after submitting the paper application, the customer may be asked to go to the eligibility center to be evaluated in person for Beyond the Curb service. 

Current customers will receive a grace period to use Beyond the Curb service while their application is being reviewed and can, during this period, merely request it during the trip reservation process. 


Eligible customers should request Beyond the Curb service during reservations. Contractors will make their best effort to accommodate requests not made during reservations (e.g. on the vehicle) by any customer, whether eligible or not eligible. This includes situations with changing environments caused by weather and construction. Access cannot fulfill requests that fundamentally alter the nature of the service (e.g. door through door service). 

The safety of our customers and our drivers is of primary importance and Access will not provide Beyond the Curb service if the driver determines that it is unsafe to do so.  While providing assistance beyond the curb, drivers are required to maintain visual contact of the vehicle at all times and must be able to legally park and secure the vehicle safely (e.g. no parking on red curbs, no double parking). This service does not change Access’ current policy related to alleys, driveways, and gated communities. 

The driver is NOT allowed to: 

  • Leave the vehicle beyond 60 feet;
  • Enter any doors, private residences or buildings;
  • Assist with packages that exceed the current package policy;
  • Assist beyond the ground level of any building or apartment;

To continue to provide efficient service to all of our customers, Access requests that customers meet the driver outside of their residence or building. Per current policy, the driver will dwell for no more than five (5) minutes once arriving at a pick-up or drop-off location.