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Access Services
Access Services
Paying for Your Ride

Exact Access Services fare must be paid at the time you get in the vehicle. Your one-way fare is based on the distance you travel. The Reservationist will tell you your fare when you schedule your trip.

Los Angeles Basin

 0 to 19.9 miles $2.75
 20 or more miles $3.50

Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley

 Local Fare $2.00 
 Transfer - Santa Clarita to LA Basin $6.00
 Transfer - Antelope Valley to LA Basin $7.00
 Between Santa Clarita to Antelope Valley $7.00

Need assistance? Just call.

Access Customer Support

TDD 1.800.827.13591.800.827.1359

Access Reservations

TDD 1.800.826.72801.800.826.7280


 Base Fare Coupons $2.75
 Book of 10 Coupons $27.50
 Plus Zone Coupons $0.75
 Book of 10 Coupons $7.50

For information on how to use and buy coupons, please see page 14 of the Rider’s Guide or visit the coupons page.

Reminder: Access Services drivers do not accept tips. Please do not offer. In addition, drivers cannot give change.